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Naxos Digitals

It's all about the prompt....

1. Be Specific:

Detail is crucial. Clearly describe the subject, setting, objects, colors, mood, and style of the image. The more specific you are, the closer the result will match your vision.

2. Use Vivid Descriptions:

Employ vivid and descriptive language. This helps in creating a more accurate and richly detailed image. For example, instead of saying 'a dog', describe the breed, color, and what it's doing.

3. Balance Detail and Creativity:

While details are important, leave room for creative interpretation. This balance allows NaxosAI to add its unique flair to your concept.

4. Specify Style and Artistic Influences:

Mention if you want the image in a specific artistic style (like impressionism) or akin to a certain artist’s work (pre-1912 artists only).

5. Avoid Ambiguity:

Ambiguous or contradictory instructions can lead to unexpected results. Be clear and consistent in your description.

6. Keep Language Clear and Structured:

Use clear and concise language. Structuring your prompt in an organized manner helps NaxosAI understand and visualize it better. All prompt must be structured as one paragrapgh.

Let's have a look at this image..


You are looking at a highly stylized and vibrantly colored image with a surreal and whimsical theme. The image contains a person wearing a space suit that has a reflective, metallic hot pink surface. The astronaut is holding a cup of what appears to be steaming noodles with the label 'Nax' Snax' written on it. You can see the steam rising from the noodles, implying they are hot. The astronaut holds a pair of wooden chopsticks that are grasping the noodles, suggesting the astronaut is about to eat them. The astronaut helmet is a glossy candy pink color with some purple gradient reflections. The visor is open, revealing the person’s face with eyes closed. The primary color of the spacesuit, aside from the helmet, continues the metallic hot pink theme with elements of deep purple and metallic sheens. The gloves are a similar shade of pink and the hands are in a position that looks natural for holding the cup of noodles. The left hand is under the bottom of the cup, supporting it, while the right hand holds the chopsticks.

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